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Sunday, March 22, 2009

InteYo Members’ Day - Darul Hikmah Orphanage

It was a Sunday. We called on Rumah Anak Yatim Hikmah located at Kampung Itek, Gopeng. The objectives of having this visit are to know on how an orphanage is being run and to bring cheer to the less fortunate. The orphanage is a Muslim-based home for orphans and underprivileged children. They have 20 primary, 10 secondary school kids and 1 little girl at the moment. The others are all boys. It is a non-governmental home, mainly funded by public donations. Everyone had their own so-called adik. We had group dynamics: singing ‘Pizza Hut, Kentucky Fried Chicken, MacDonald’ with actions, sharing about ourselves, passing rubber bands with straws in the mouth, ‘Let’s Walk’ (using 4 hands and 11 legs in a group of 12 to reach an end), and ‘I Care’ (one-to-one chat with an individual home resident). After two of the group dynamics, we had our tea break then proceeded to the hall for the next activities - InteYo Cheer and a comedy sketch presented by some of the youth followed by the singing of 'Kau Ilhamku' together with the kids. Later, it was time for gift-giving time. Everyone presented a personal gift to their adik as a gesture of goodwill. Images: Darul Hikmah Orpahnage.

We bid goodbye to them then headed to Adeline Rest House. There, we had our lunch and shared about our experiences. Some of the orphans were very open-minded whilst some were not. We had to gain their trust by telling them some of our details as well then they would only tell us about their details which were more personal. Some even cried when they told us about their families, about their parents, especially. After that, we departed back and reached Family Health Association at Taman Cempaka at 1500. Images: Adeline Rest House.

Adikku, Zulhilmi is a thirteen-year-old boy and just moved into the orphanage two weeks ago. He’s studying in Form One. He’s FOC friendly, outspoken and cute. He’s the only son. He got 2Cs (both BM papers), 2Ds (English and Science) and 1E (Mathematics) for his UPSR last year. However, he has gotten better results for his recent monthly test – a B for Mathematics and C for English. A thumbs-up for him. He has a very nice voice. He could say my name really clearly and unmistakably. And I like it! Till the day we see again. Image: Zulhilmi.