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Monday, July 27, 2009

One-Day Camp With SEJARAH

Venue : SMK Jelapang Jaya, Ipoh
Duration : 0800 - 1630

Convent (From 5s):
Me - Kekwa,
Shyama - Cemp,
Jane - BR,
Ramithaa - Lily,
Pui Mun - Orchid,
Wadah - Daisy,
Atikah - SP,
Another Malay Girl - Rose

R&R (Read & Remember) -
if only you think the information shared here are beneficial to you :

Speaker : One of the Cikgu Sejarah(s) at SMK Teknik, Ipoh.

Paper 1 -

  • Questions - 20-20 (F4-F5)
  • Ratio - Easy:Medium:Hard - 5:3:2 - 20:12:8(number of questions) - if we manage to score at least 33/40, give ourselves a thumbs-up.
  • Scan through Sejarah text book(s) daily before bed to help us get to our dreamworlds sooner. They will eventually accumulate and stored in our brain.
  • Maximum 2 same answers one after another. Example:
1. A
2. A
3. A

This will never happen for questions set by the Lembaga Peperiksaan.
Recheck all 3 answers if this were to happen.

Paper 2 -

  • Section A : 1&2 (F4) 3&4 (F5) , Section B : 5&6 (F4) 7, 8, 9 (F5)
  • Tema 1 - F4 : Bab 1, 2, 3 (1 question - Structur/Essay)
  • Tema 2 - F4 : Bab 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 (2 questions - 1 Structur & 1 Essay)
  • Tema 3 - F4 : Bab 9, 10 (1 question - Structur/Essay)
  • Tema 4 - F5 : Bab 1, 2 (1 question - Structur/Essay)
  • Tema 5 - F5 : Bab 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 (2 questions - 1 Structur & 1 Essay)
  • Tema 6 - F5 : Bab 9 (1 question - Structur/Essay)

Structur -

  • a&b (Knowledge) c&d (Understanding) e (Moral Value)
  • Recall the sub-topic.
  • Use simple, straightforward answers; easily understood.
  • Marks will be given as long as the sound is there (eg nama tokoh)
Eg : On Jaafar instead of Onn Jaafar
But this is wrong and never ever make such mistake - Jaafar Onn

  • Write down as many answers as you can - provided the space is enough, never write the answers at the bottom of the page when the question (eg c) is in the middle of the page.

Essay -

  • Understand the question.
Eg :

1. Terangkan cara pertembungan Islam dengan tamadun lain di dunia. (F4-B6)

2.Terangkan cara penyebaran Islam di Asia Tenggara. (F4-B7)

  • Jelaskan - only Fakta (eg isi-isi perjanjian)
  • Terangkan - Fakta + Huraian (eg faktor)
  • Huraikan - Fakta + Huraian + Contoh
  • Bandingkan - use manakala as kata hubung when comparing differences
  • All must be in complete sentence. No point form, table, mind map, etc.
  • Draft before writing.
  • Preferably 1 isi 1 paragraph (ie Fakta + Huraian + Contoh in 1 paragraph)

P.S. Do leave a comment if you're unclear with any details.

Adding to the above details, we, the participants, were given a 33-pages booklet each which contains never-asked-before and also long-since-it-came-out F4 & F5 questions, arranged in chapters.

I suppose most schools at North Kinta district have sent 8 representatives of their own to the camp and so the teachers must have photostatted for the students. However, if any of you would like to have a copy of the booklet because you have none, feel free to drop a comment and I'll make a copy for you. (Condition : Provided there's a way to pass the copy to you and that you pay for it, no exception to anyone.)

Pictures were only taken when the teachers went for refreshment whilst students were given only a High-5 chocolate-creamed bun and a mineral water (the one with a straw, not bottled).

A snippet of appreciation :

Although I was away from school, I didn't have to worry about school for I was kept informed with school works and crucial details. Here, I would like to thank Praveena, Prem and Kalai for leaving a small little piece of note for me in the cupboard of 5 Kekwa with my exercise books .This has enabled me to take notice of all that I've missed once I was back to school, to class. Thank You.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Perak State Marching Band Competition

Yes, I went to watch the competition, for the first time. Most of the pictures I've taken were MMB's. For I was, too, in green and white unite!

P.S. Majority of the pictures without captions are MMB.

MMB's supporters fans (the word fans-Kane's idea)

Nan Hua

Nan Hua

Nan Hua

Kane's on the left! I think.


And again, Kane!

Sam Tet's

The end of the event.


Without permission, I took the trophy and snapped a picture.


And medal.

MMB Colour Guard

Congratulations to MMB!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Money-Can't-Buy Crystals

DIY (if only you're interested) :

1. Boil an amount of water in a steel container.
-which can withstand 100 Degree Celsius-
2. Off the gas.
3. Pour salt into the water and stir it.
4. Keep adding salt until it can no longer dissolve.
5. Add in colouring (power form) of your choice into it and stir it.
-adding liquid form will dilute it-
6. Place the container at where you think it's suitable.
-I put it in my room-
7. Leave it for a day, or a few.
8. Pour out the water.
9. The crystals formed will be settled at the bottom.
10. Remove all crystals onto a piece of paper.
-preferably filter paper-
11. Let the crystals dry.
12. Lastly, do what you wanna do with your home-boiled crystals.
-I made a heart shape, but I got to keep them eventually-

I got these when I poured them out.

To let them dry out.

The colour of emeralds.

Looks like a small, tinny cave.

The beautiful view inside.

I could just say 'wow!'.

They're glistening! Can you see?

Further view, different angle.

Just for you...

I truly adore them!

P.S. Thanks to Puan Yamini, our Chemistry teacher,
for sharing her precious knowledge.