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Monday, September 28, 2009

Haagen-Dazs @ Heritage Hotel

PS Grant me a split second break from notebook/computer usage for 73 days/2 months and 12 days. I will return to "web log" sphere on 9 December - the day SPM Chemistry paper cease. Advanced all the best in all that you guys do, be it at workplace or school, primarily SPM & STPM candidates throughout Malaysia. I will, beyond qualms, catch up with you guys later. Do take care, people! Adios! C:


This is the only eatery spot which has Haagen-Dazs ice-cream in Ipoh, I surmise. Do enlighten me if I'm wrong, alright?

Singgah@H (H for hotel or Heritage? H² would be better)

Diverse perspective of the lonesome streamer

The lone fridge where the ice-creams are being kept

Only 5 flavours are obtainable here, how pathetic it is.

:: Each tap of these flavours costs ::
(the outcome of my interview session)

Green Tea - RM430+
Strawberry - RM300+
Vanilla - RM300+
Chocolate - RM300+
Macadamia nuts - RM300+

Each tap is approximately 95 scoops
How much is per scoop then?

The ice-cream carte du jour

:: Here are the list of options ::

Improved Banana Split
RM 30 nett
Triple scoops of ice cream on a bed of banana slices topped with almond flakes, cornflakes, M&M and fudge sauce

RM 29 nett
2 scoop of strawberry ice cream with Cameron Highlands farm fresh strawberries drizzled with strawberry sauce

RM 29 nett
2 scoops of green tea ice cream with red bean paste, konyaku jelly and slice fruits

The Dalmation
RM 26 nett
Oreo coolies with a scoop of vanilla and chocolate ice cream, smothered with chocolate sauce and whipped cream sprinkled with white and dark chocolate chips

RM 26 nett
2 scoops of vanilla ice cream surrounded with waffle sticks, almond flakes, cornflakes and hundreds and thousands of colourful rice chocolates

Tropical Explosion
RM 23 nett
Mango slice, peach chunks, crushed pineapple with 2 scoops of macadamia ice cream and Nata De Coco

RM 19
2 scoops of strawberry ice cream with 4 pieces of waffle

Chocoholic Dream
RM 17 nett
Rich warm chocolate brownie topped with hot chocolate sauce and a scoop of vanilla ice cream

The Clown
RM 15
A scoop of vanilla ice cream with cone and white cream

Which one would you pick?

I had Chocoholic Dream.

Have you tried Haagen-Dazs ice-cream?

Do you prefer Haagen-Dazs to Baskin Robbin's ice cream?

Does internationally regconised ice-cream worth savouring?

Well, it was my first time relishing Haagen-Dasz ice-cream though. People say : "Haagen-Dazs, the longer lasting pleasure." But somehow I couldn't feel the pleasure at all. For the reason that my taste buds are malfunctioning? Or that the secretion of the feel-good hormones by my pituitary gland was inadequate?

What say you?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Do You Emulate The Males?

Well, I don't. But there are people out there who do emulate males, such as male celebrities?

Here are some examples : David Beckham, Brad Pitt, Robert Pattingson, Christiano Ronaldo etc. You name it.

Do guys have guys idol?

There's a guy who wants to do as well as David Beckham, as far as I know, crystal-clear.

:: Conversation ::

Vicky : My boyfriend is a fan of David Beckham; he wears like him, he has his all sorts of posters and now he's asking me to cut my hair so that I'll look like Victoria Beckham!

Sue : That's real fanatic of him. But one thing, just pray and hope that he doesn't talk like David Beckham.

Sam : (Imitating David's quirky tone) Hello, I'm David Beckham.

Sue : Oh, you speak so like David Beckham!

Sam : Yea, I know.

Sue : Is your pants too tight?

Sam : Yes, it is.

Jean : (LOL) Speechless.

Note :: Names have been changed.

I may emulate the females but certainly not the males.

We only emulate people of the same sexes as us perhaps?

What do you think?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Students by Mr Lau Yoong Fuei

We were writing our Malay essay in the exam hall (SPM trials) on 1 September when Mr Lau, our ever-beloved class teacher drew this piece of artwork on the cover of a test pad.

This is the 3rd masterpiece of his that I've uploaded. Click here and here.

Out of 37 of us, Mr Lau drew only 9 of us. And I must say, I'm contented that I'm included!

They are Boshini, Yoga, Sara, Ghirijah, Kalai, Grace, Sham and there's one more I have no idea who is it.

I'm the one surrounded by letters of THE BEST GRADE.

Mr Lau must be expecting me to get an A for my Malay paper. Thank you, Sir!

Hopefully I will score as I've been getting an A all along. But it was tougher this time.

But I must have disappointed Mr Lau for not getting 1 for Math. I missed by 0.02%.

Did Mr Lau's masterpiece amaze you?
Are you gifted in drawing?

I am inspired even more by Mr Lau now. Anyway, I'm only gifted in colouring!

P.S. Happy 20092009, everyone!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Malaysia's 47th Year Of Formation

1Malaysia along the streets in Ipoh

It is only on 16 September 1963 that Malaysia was formed.

:: 1963 ::

Negeri2Selat+Negeri2 Bersekutu+Negeri2 Tidak Bersekutu+Sabah+Sarawak


Persekutuan Tanah Melayu+Sabah+Sarawak+Singapore

:: 1965 ::

Singapore left and was no longer a member of Malaysia.

:: I show my love to MALAYSIA ::


Studying the history of the formation of MALAYSIA.

SEJARAH F5 text book chapter 6

Love them or not, that's it that I've done for you, MALAYSIA.

Besides, we have also celebrated Merdeka in school before the the August holidays commenced.

The celebrated piece of cake

My Tourism Club won the first runner-up of the best notice board award.

But sadly, I did it all by myself with the help Sham, Prem, Kalai, Praveena and Elvina when they are all not tourism club members.

Even Google has its very own unique way.

I wonder why isn't today celebrated like Merdeka Day. Any idea?

Wasn't sick of me asking the same question over and over again huh. And kept debating on that little matter. But yet I still can't get the answer. Because I didn't go ask Najib. C:

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Grandpa(s) ♥ Granny(ies)

I could see the bulging out of your donuts,
Whenever you sit or squad, grandpa.
Why don't you quit ingesting donuts?
For the sake of your health, perhaps?

You love driving me to the bustling town,
To have a sharp sight at the cute guys out there.
I love listening to all your stories, granny,
Of how you being tackled by guys of all walks of life.

Everyday I come home to you both,
Not being sick or bored at every homecoming.
You both make my life worthwhile,
Although I've no siblings like others do.

Movies marathon we've gone through,
Ice Age III with dinosaurs was the best of all.
You both were the mammals, Manny and Ellie,
And I was your little lovable mini-mammal.

I You, Grandpa Granny!

Counting down. 3 more days.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Malaysians Unite For Road Safety?
But I'm not referring to that.
It's yet another crucial day to celebrate,
As it's a special line of numbers.

9th September 2009,
It might not be unique to you,
But it's the other way round for me,
For it's someone's date of birth.

She's a bubbly multicellular organism,
She can be funny and naughty at times.
She loves to bake, bake and bake,
She's no one but my Mom.

Happy Birthday, Mama!!

Happy Birthday
I Love You

Black Forest Chocolate Moist Cake from dad
Your all time favourite

♥ Mama Blogger
Happy Birthday

Tiramisu cake from sis

This is what happened when dad bought while sis ordered in advance.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Federation Of Malaya's 52nd Year Of Independence

The flag of Federation of Malaya
(11 stripes and 11 spokes in the star
From Uncle Lee

How to show that we love the Malaya's soil? By being a permanent resident on this land, to me! Because there's nothing more I could do.

Well, there is only one simple show of gestures that I've done to love this ground.

:: That's It ::

Spent RM1 for desperado Merdeka Grand Charity Raffle.
The other share-holders are Sham, Prem, Kalai, Praveena

Numbered as 017132

Today's the draw date! I wonder will our number appear in the Star paper tomorrow.

Love it or not, that's all I've done for you, Soil of Malaya.

:: Also Known As ::

Negeri2 Selat excluding SG+Negeri2 Melayu Bersekutu+Negeri2 Melayu Tidak Bersekutu

Besides, we celebrated Merdeka Day before the school holidays commenced, too.

How about you? How do you show your love to this piece of Malaya's Soil? Be it just simply simple or grand.

I wonder why is it called as National Day on 31 August when Malaysia was not formed yet by then. Any idea? Hmm.

Anyway, let us remember the sacrifices that have been made for our freedom!

Specially thanks to Tunku Abdul Rahman (Bapa Kemerdekaan), Dato Maharajalela (Perak), Dol Said (Naning), Dato Bahaman (Pahang), Tok Janggut (Kelantan), Sultan Abu Bakar (Johor) etc.

Friday, August 28, 2009

♥ Imaginary Friend

You've been with me all along,
But I have noticed you, just recently.
I longed to be like you,
Invisible so no one could see me.

Dad would forever grumble,
Whenever I asked for superfluous chow.
I didn't mind the tantrums being thrown onto me,
As long as your tummy was full all the time.

I always loved playing with you,
In the house, at the playground.
But one thing I disliked about others,
Was that they would stare real hard at me.

Now that dad could also see you,
But it's already the time for you to leave.
I will miss your presence, very much,
So till we meet again my friend.

I You, Imaginary Friend!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Muse Like Jason Mraz?

Jason Mraz was here in Malaysia in March, I surmise. During his stay in Kuala Lumpur, he has gone to the Mix FM studio to have a sort of like Q&A session with the DJ(s).

When a word or two were mentioned each time, Jason Mraz needed to say out anything that came straight across his wits once he heard that particular word(s). No pondering.

:: The WORD(S) mentioned followed by Jason's impromptu RIPOSTES ::

Red - Candy apple
Chicken - Terriyaki
Food - Monkey brain
Paris Hilton - Monkey brain
Music - Life
Money - Fun ticket
Pants - Removable

Music is, beyond qualms, his life!

:: If I were to be asked for quick replies like that, they would be ::

Red - Red carpet
Chicken - Chickenpox
Food - Raya bazaar
Paris Hilton - Christiano Ronaldo
Music - Richard Clayderman
Money - $$$$$
Pants - Hemophobia

What about you?

What would possibly be your swift response to them?

By the way, any of you out there went to watch his concert? Well, I missed it!
I like listening to some of his various renowned songs,
preeminently I'm Yours and The Remedy.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Poke your choice

"Attitudes are contagious. Are yours
worth catching?"
-Dennis and Wendy Mannerism-

Ahh, yes of course! But not the entire, only say, half or third quarter, the most?

:: Be-like-me ::
loving, grateful, egalitarian, cheerful, considerate, open, obliging, sincere, diligent, tenacious, friendly, can-do

:: Don't-be-like-me ::
serious, sarcastic, suspicious, stubborn
(I wondered, why must all begin with the letter S)

It is quite contagious when we have a great passion and a positive attitude. I repeat, positive attitudes. That is the kind of person we would want to bump into during our life span, isn't it?

If somebody is ever so driftless and negative, we have no time for him, bluntly.

Warn them, remind them to stop trying in dragging us down with them. Or just be ignorant of them, the best way of all.

How do we stop negativity in it's tracks, anyway?

What should we do when our attitude needs a shift?

You could tell, exhort me perhaps? C:

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Love VS Lust

Love is in the air. Contagious air-borne virus?

"Love waits. Lust wants.
Love can't wait to give what is
true and honorable.
Lust can't wait to take.
Love mends. Lust hurts.
Love is secure.
Lust is selfish.
Lust ends. Love lasts."
-Joe White. Pure Excitement-

Well, love's practically all about sacrificing. We sacrifice for the ones we love.

Do you know my logical meaning of true love?

True love doesn't die out over time.
True love lasts because it's a CHOICE and not a hormone driven desire.

What's your logical meaning of LOVE?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Kelly's Sweet Seventeen

Kelly oedered 46 chocolate cupcakes for RM50 from Jauhara for the 37 of us in 5 Kekwa and some other friends of hers from other classes.

Each cupcake was coated with over-sweetened pink, yellow or white sugary cream. And ''KELLY IS SEXY'' was written on each of them.

She gave us during recess and to some of the teachers who teach 5 Kekwa.

Although they're really fattening and have the potential to make us grow vertically, but I ate it without thinking twice! I had two, instead!

For they're just too tempting that made me craved even more for such sweet nibbles! Look at their striking colours!

Out of 46, only 2 of them were written ''KELLY IS 17". But they're for her beloved parents, of course!

Woo hoo! I've got the yellow one! Kelly is SEXY! Yummy!

Happy Sweet 17th, Kelly!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Aquatic Organisms by Mr Lau Yoong Fuei

Mr Lau came into the class. He asked Sham to follow him to the staff room.

En route to the staff room,

Mr Lau : You must motivate you friends so that they will score well like you.

Sham : Huh?

Mr Lau : You must tell them the right thing so that they will do the right thing, too!

Sham : (Wondering) What is he talking about?

Mr Lau : (Reached his table in the staff room) Nah, take this (Mr Lau's art work) back to class and read aloud to all of them. Make sure they get motivated!

Sham : (Phew) (In class now) Girls, Mr Lau has something to say.

"To all in 5 Kekwa, life is like living in an ocean, survivor of the fittest! Each organism below bears your name. Find it!"

(Everyone rushed to teacher's table and started finding)

After that,

Sham : Are you all motivated by him, his artwork?

Girls : Yes!!!

Yoga : Yes, I'm! Although he spelt my name wrongly! (Mr Lau spelt Goga)

Mr Lau's piece of fine art. He even included his name (bottom left) and we've darkened it! Spot mine!

PS Here's another piece of drawing by Mr Lau.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


"Character is one of the most prized
jewels in the crown of success that any
person, young or old, will ever wear."
-Joe White, pure excitement-

One's character symbolizes one's nature or traits that have been inherited from one's parents. Yes, it's so-called nature but we can always better ourselves if we want to and in order to thrive. For it's the choice being made by none other than the character in us and that each and every one of us do have the priority to choose.

Females wear on their jeweleries but males seldom wear on any jeweleries. So, the only jewelery that worn by everyone is undoubtedly CHARACTER.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

SMI's 48th Play - The Warlord Of Terror

The view of SMI in the evening on Saturday from the middle of Ipoh field.

The pressuring-poster

My ticket numbered 0718, lucky number?

He picked a Chinese brush and started drawing - impromptu act.

Was one of his ancestors lived during the Dynasty period in China?
That he inherited their genes?
Well, I was indeed flabbergasted by his flair.

He believed that he failed his peperiksaan awam, with qualms.

The monk and the marvelous stage props.

Scene where Yuen was flashing back.

Where all were dancing so gracefully.

Their blouses were just so unique, adorable and simple yet nice!

The evil arrived


Yuen was grief-stricken when she had to leave her hero, her life-savior.

Behold the hero.

Villagers of all races in China. ONE CHINA?

Second attempt with the brawny, strapping devil.

The pure white, gorgeous Goddess.

The evil spirited ones were soon defected by the angels.
(The angels just swing their hands and the bad guys just ran away. LOL.)

WARLORD was officially defeated!!

The feeble, pathetic, defenseless Warlord.

One of the lion dance dancer was an INDIAN guy!!

Porcelain White Angels


On behalf of Master Timothy Chee, the director of the drama, I would like to say:

(Although you're just scrolling up and down.)