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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mighty Minds

Notice board after the entrance

Why was I one of the participants? Well, don’t get me wrong. I’m neither the great one nor the most proper one but for the reason it coincided with our mid-term examinations - very crucial - so I’m there, by faith. What’s the connection? Nevermind.

Of course, it’s the very first time I’m there in Parade not to hang out, but to join a state level competition organized by The STAR and RHB Bank. Perhaps it’ll be the very last time as well. We’re tested on Mathematics and Science, ie Bio, Chemi, Phy, and also General Knowledge. The questions were tricky. Almost every answer made sense to us. Well, to me.

It’s was a good experience, if not better. It boosted us into studying mood. Besides that, we got our certificates, a notebook each, MacDonald’s burger for breakfast and Ayamas chicken rice for lunch. My group was in the 1st round which all questions were so much better than the 2nd round but we screwed up. Sorry. The outcome? We got merely 14/19.


1. Which one of these is not found in our body?

- Copper,

- Zinc,

- Manganese, and

- Nickel

2. What’s the meaning of Serengeti in Malawi?

- Sorry, I can't recall. It means external plan, if I'm not mistaken -

3. What happens when we add water into acid instead of the reverse?

- No difference?

- Water will react with the acid and heat will be produced?

4. Biodegradable plastics means?

- No harm to living things?

- Can be sent to department stall after using?

- Can be decomposed by certain microorganisms?

5. 20/0.5=?

- 4 or

- 40?

( Our answer - Accurate answer)

Without a doubt, it’s really important to be calm and steady during that very moment. If not, even a simple math question can’t be solved, like number 5. It’s a Physics question actually. None of the others knew how to solve but I calculated wrongly thus giving the wrong answer at the eleventh hour. Blame myself for being careless.

We almost emerged as the top 15 groups to get to the second challenge but we didn't, unfortunately. The 7th to 15th place groups had the same points as us. No doubt we're slow in submitting our answers. Because the time we pressed our key pads was taken into account.

Name Sticker