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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Idiosyncrasies of Malaysians

A: Idiosyncrasies of Malaysians.
B: What’s that?
A: Little quirky behaviours, or personality peculiar to Malaysians.
B: Ohhh…
A: It’s funny but true, that these observations we made can be about YOU!

A: Malayisians…By large ooze charm and care. Sensitive and mature. We compromise and share…
C: Yea, right!
A: When behind the wheel, we mutate into MONSTERS! RUDE! SELFISH! DANGEROUS!

A: Racing taxis. Noisy cars. Rushing here, rushing there, rushing EVERYWHERE! Immature road bullies, who smash windscreens and bones. While hooting, honking drivers impatiently groan. Speedsters who turn highways into F1 tracks! Fleeting motorcyclist who zigzag their way to death. *SSSUUUZZZUUUKKKIII* *CRASH* *BOOM* *BANG*
D: “Oh my gosh! Is that blood?!?!?!”
E: “Call the ambulance! Call the ambulance!” (Ambulance siren)
A: Motorists suddenly slow down. Necks outstretched, eyes affixed.
D: Whatever for?
A: “Just to note the number plate for a lottery win!”

B: “Mummy, mummy, do you want me to sit or stand on the toilet?”
C: “No, no darling. At home you sit outside you stand.”
A: Ahhh…Public toilets…Can’t live with them…Can’t live without them! Malaysians are somewhat unclear, about what goes into where. A peep into public toilets, confirms your worst nightmare…

A: The same applies to rubbish. Public places also known as common litter grounds. Everybody’s property!
B: Nobody’s baby!
C: Why do you litter?
D: To defy the law. Why bother what I saw?!
E: Someone will pick up after me. I’ll just pretend I didn’t see!
A: But who will pick up in our homes? Our home is our castle…A refuge from the life’s bustle.

A: Malaysians…We love to eat. We chew and crunch! We chomp and munch!
E: Ymmm...yum…
A: Through the feast of food, we have the spiciest, sweetest, saltiest…The most bitter. The most sour. High-teas and buffets galore…Bring eaters to the fore…Pilling their plates with so much food. Still, they come again! For more and more and MORE! Just to get their money worth. The result…? From size S to M…M to L…L to XL…XL to XXL…XXL to…Obesity, diabetes and heart diseases!

A: There is a time in the year, when Malaysians behave a little queer!
B: YESSSS! The sales are here!
A: Mega sales of 30%, 50%, 70% discounts! Buy 2 get 1 free! Shop till you drop! Buy till you’re dry! Run out of money? Not to worry! VISA Card, UOB, Master Card!
C: American Express!
A: Credit cards for every occasion! Enables you to spend now and pay later!
D: Oh dear, bills! Bills! Bills!
A: Enjoy now and regret later!

Presented by,
2BR (Class of 2006)
1st Runner-up
(Choral Speaking:inter-class)

Malaysia…situated at the line of Khatulistiwa…high humidity and temperature year in year out it has become a tourist spot for foreigners across the globe. Yet Malaysians complain about how very sizzling hot blazing sunlight 24/7, containing ultraviolet rays penetrating our largest organ. Hoping the sun would just shut down, even just for a split second. The fear of getting spot-lighted by the hazardous UV rays causes Malaysians to do their best to shun skin-to-sun contact, even for a second. Moreover, a layer of shade is considered inadequate. Thus, results in more-than-one-layer-shading. Picture: Instead of stopping their cars where they were supposed to, they’ve chosen a nice sheltered and out-of-the-sun spot whilst waiting for the traffic-light to turn green, not to mention the motorcyclist as well. Malaysians are just being smart, perhaps.