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Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Money-Can't-Buy Crystals

DIY (if only you're interested) :

1. Boil an amount of water in a steel container.
-which can withstand 100 Degree Celsius-
2. Off the gas.
3. Pour salt into the water and stir it.
4. Keep adding salt until it can no longer dissolve.
5. Add in colouring (power form) of your choice into it and stir it.
-adding liquid form will dilute it-
6. Place the container at where you think it's suitable.
-I put it in my room-
7. Leave it for a day, or a few.
8. Pour out the water.
9. The crystals formed will be settled at the bottom.
10. Remove all crystals onto a piece of paper.
-preferably filter paper-
11. Let the crystals dry.
12. Lastly, do what you wanna do with your home-boiled crystals.
-I made a heart shape, but I got to keep them eventually-

I got these when I poured them out.

To let them dry out.

The colour of emeralds.

Looks like a small, tinny cave.

The beautiful view inside.

I could just say 'wow!'.

They're glistening! Can you see?

Further view, different angle.

Just for you...

I truly adore them!

P.S. Thanks to Puan Yamini, our Chemistry teacher,
for sharing her precious knowledge.