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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ipoh International Run

IIS is way easier to say as it's more familiar, to me. I've never gone for IISR so I have not said it before, never before. It was my first time ever. Thanks to Sham who asked me to go, forced me perhaps?

I was not registered as the reason I went was to run with Sham. But I left her and ran alone. I had no intention in going after all. Because I don't run. What more international run where people across the globe would be there.

Praveena didn't make it for the run as it was raining cats and dogs in the morning. She couldn't run under the rain as she wasn't feeling well. But thanks to her for her registered number I've used it which enabled me to be one of the eligible ones to get a certificate and also a medal. Because we got to be registered runners.

Sham and Prem got me the piece of cloth with coloured-ink-pen-written number on it - J 011 - Praveena's number. They went to the booth - where participants collected their tees - to report the lost of number. I am thankful to them.

As it was previously stated, I do not run. I repeat, I do not run. I've never joined running for school sports, never ever. I jogged throughout the 7km runway. Yes, non-stop.

At times I felt like giving up and to just walk till the finishing line. I was exhausted, according to my subconscious mind. Adding to that, the rain made I felt cold. My white tee was drenched with rain water instead of sweat (luckily I have my number cloth to cover my not-to-be-seen part). But I did not shiver. I just felt cold, very cold. My hands were cold but red, indicating there was still blood circulation despite the cold surroundings.

Feeling lethargic I was. But God was with me telling me to hold on. I looked up into the clear blue sky. I saw hope. I saw the strength in me. I saw God. I held on. If I were to stop to walk on the pathway, I would never regain my momentum, my constant velocity.

And finally, I made it till the end of the run. I was the first 183 participants who reached. I was thrilled as I read 'please claim your medal at the medal booth' at the back of a small card given to the first 200 runners. I've succeeded. Thank you, Almighty. And you, too. Thanks for the 'all the best ya for the run and enjoy yourself k :) ' wish early in the morning at 0534 when I've just reached Sham's house. Your wish meant a lot to me, a whole lot. Thank YOU!!

Lucky-draw cubicle

Extraordinary tragic..oouch!

I wanted to go join him on stage but it was too late to regret...

Us in the stadium, on the floor.

Our category

The route of 7km run

After Prem went home, Sham and I went to the hawker stalls area to search for stall #36 for prawn wan tan. It was a quite famous one which I read in Ipoh Echo. And since I've not tried prawn wan tan, although Sham has.

Bowl of 9 pieces of prawn wan tan and a plate of wan tan mee.

Some prawns just didn't want to be wrapped.

It cost us RM 4.40. We both shared as it was 1130 and later we would have our lunch - Sham's mom's cooking. Curry oh curry, just so yummy!

5km, 7km, 7km, 7km, 21km

Free certs were given out just like that! But I was honest enough to just grab the 7km one. I was pissed when they say only 150 out of the 200 were entitled to receive the cert and also a medal when I went to the booth. They announced 200 of us would be getting initially. Not enough certs as an excuse and they're giving out free certs to others. Nonsense! But fortunately, God is just. I got my cert and also a medal, although I've got to be in the crowd to grab the cert.

My cert and medal

Ice Age 3 after lunch at TGV! Good one! Funny one! Suppose to watch Transformers 2 but tickets were sold out, unfortunately.

My seat - J3

It seems that it was the letter J day! Both my international run number - J 011 and my seat - J3 started with letter J. Besides, TGV is in JJ, too. The letter J again! So, Happy J Day!

P.S. My name has the letter J, too!