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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Grandpa(s) ♥ Granny(ies)

I could see the bulging out of your donuts,
Whenever you sit or squad, grandpa.
Why don't you quit ingesting donuts?
For the sake of your health, perhaps?

You love driving me to the bustling town,
To have a sharp sight at the cute guys out there.
I love listening to all your stories, granny,
Of how you being tackled by guys of all walks of life.

Everyday I come home to you both,
Not being sick or bored at every homecoming.
You both make my life worthwhile,
Although I've no siblings like others do.

Movies marathon we've gone through,
Ice Age III with dinosaurs was the best of all.
You both were the mammals, Manny and Ellie,
And I was your little lovable mini-mammal.

I You, Grandpa Granny!

Counting down. 3 more days.