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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Students by Mr Lau Yoong Fuei

We were writing our Malay essay in the exam hall (SPM trials) on 1 September when Mr Lau, our ever-beloved class teacher drew this piece of artwork on the cover of a test pad.

This is the 3rd masterpiece of his that I've uploaded. Click here and here.

Out of 37 of us, Mr Lau drew only 9 of us. And I must say, I'm contented that I'm included!

They are Boshini, Yoga, Sara, Ghirijah, Kalai, Grace, Sham and there's one more I have no idea who is it.

I'm the one surrounded by letters of THE BEST GRADE.

Mr Lau must be expecting me to get an A for my Malay paper. Thank you, Sir!

Hopefully I will score as I've been getting an A all along. But it was tougher this time.

But I must have disappointed Mr Lau for not getting 1 for Math. I missed by 0.02%.

Did Mr Lau's masterpiece amaze you?
Are you gifted in drawing?

I am inspired even more by Mr Lau now. Anyway, I'm only gifted in colouring!

P.S. Happy 20092009, everyone!