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Monday, September 28, 2009

Haagen-Dazs @ Heritage Hotel

PS Grant me a split second break from notebook/computer usage for 73 days/2 months and 12 days. I will return to "web log" sphere on 9 December - the day SPM Chemistry paper cease. Advanced all the best in all that you guys do, be it at workplace or school, primarily SPM & STPM candidates throughout Malaysia. I will, beyond qualms, catch up with you guys later. Do take care, people! Adios! C:


This is the only eatery spot which has Haagen-Dazs ice-cream in Ipoh, I surmise. Do enlighten me if I'm wrong, alright?

Singgah@H (H for hotel or Heritage? H² would be better)

Diverse perspective of the lonesome streamer

The lone fridge where the ice-creams are being kept

Only 5 flavours are obtainable here, how pathetic it is.

:: Each tap of these flavours costs ::
(the outcome of my interview session)

Green Tea - RM430+
Strawberry - RM300+
Vanilla - RM300+
Chocolate - RM300+
Macadamia nuts - RM300+

Each tap is approximately 95 scoops
How much is per scoop then?

The ice-cream carte du jour

:: Here are the list of options ::

Improved Banana Split
RM 30 nett
Triple scoops of ice cream on a bed of banana slices topped with almond flakes, cornflakes, M&M and fudge sauce

RM 29 nett
2 scoop of strawberry ice cream with Cameron Highlands farm fresh strawberries drizzled with strawberry sauce

RM 29 nett
2 scoops of green tea ice cream with red bean paste, konyaku jelly and slice fruits

The Dalmation
RM 26 nett
Oreo coolies with a scoop of vanilla and chocolate ice cream, smothered with chocolate sauce and whipped cream sprinkled with white and dark chocolate chips

RM 26 nett
2 scoops of vanilla ice cream surrounded with waffle sticks, almond flakes, cornflakes and hundreds and thousands of colourful rice chocolates

Tropical Explosion
RM 23 nett
Mango slice, peach chunks, crushed pineapple with 2 scoops of macadamia ice cream and Nata De Coco

RM 19
2 scoops of strawberry ice cream with 4 pieces of waffle

Chocoholic Dream
RM 17 nett
Rich warm chocolate brownie topped with hot chocolate sauce and a scoop of vanilla ice cream

The Clown
RM 15
A scoop of vanilla ice cream with cone and white cream

Which one would you pick?

I had Chocoholic Dream.

Have you tried Haagen-Dazs ice-cream?

Do you prefer Haagen-Dazs to Baskin Robbin's ice cream?

Does internationally regconised ice-cream worth savouring?

Well, it was my first time relishing Haagen-Dasz ice-cream though. People say : "Haagen-Dazs, the longer lasting pleasure." But somehow I couldn't feel the pleasure at all. For the reason that my taste buds are malfunctioning? Or that the secretion of the feel-good hormones by my pituitary gland was inadequate?

What say you?