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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Malaysia's 47th Year Of Formation

1Malaysia along the streets in Ipoh

It is only on 16 September 1963 that Malaysia was formed.

:: 1963 ::

Negeri2Selat+Negeri2 Bersekutu+Negeri2 Tidak Bersekutu+Sabah+Sarawak


Persekutuan Tanah Melayu+Sabah+Sarawak+Singapore

:: 1965 ::

Singapore left and was no longer a member of Malaysia.

:: I show my love to MALAYSIA ::


Studying the history of the formation of MALAYSIA.

SEJARAH F5 text book chapter 6

Love them or not, that's it that I've done for you, MALAYSIA.

Besides, we have also celebrated Merdeka in school before the the August holidays commenced.

The celebrated piece of cake

My Tourism Club won the first runner-up of the best notice board award.

But sadly, I did it all by myself with the help Sham, Prem, Kalai, Praveena and Elvina when they are all not tourism club members.

Even Google has its very own unique way.

I wonder why isn't today celebrated like Merdeka Day. Any idea?

Wasn't sick of me asking the same question over and over again huh. And kept debating on that little matter. But yet I still can't get the answer. Because I didn't go ask Najib. C: