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Friday, August 21, 2009

Aquatic Organisms by Mr Lau Yoong Fuei

Mr Lau came into the class. He asked Sham to follow him to the staff room.

En route to the staff room,

Mr Lau : You must motivate you friends so that they will score well like you.

Sham : Huh?

Mr Lau : You must tell them the right thing so that they will do the right thing, too!

Sham : (Wondering) What is he talking about?

Mr Lau : (Reached his table in the staff room) Nah, take this (Mr Lau's art work) back to class and read aloud to all of them. Make sure they get motivated!

Sham : (Phew) (In class now) Girls, Mr Lau has something to say.

"To all in 5 Kekwa, life is like living in an ocean, survivor of the fittest! Each organism below bears your name. Find it!"

(Everyone rushed to teacher's table and started finding)

After that,

Sham : Are you all motivated by him, his artwork?

Girls : Yes!!!

Yoga : Yes, I'm! Although he spelt my name wrongly! (Mr Lau spelt Goga)

Mr Lau's piece of fine art. He even included his name (bottom left) and we've darkened it! Spot mine!

PS Here's another piece of drawing by Mr Lau.