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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Poke your choice

"Attitudes are contagious. Are yours
worth catching?"
-Dennis and Wendy Mannerism-

Ahh, yes of course! But not the entire, only say, half or third quarter, the most?

:: Be-like-me ::
loving, grateful, egalitarian, cheerful, considerate, open, obliging, sincere, diligent, tenacious, friendly, can-do

:: Don't-be-like-me ::
serious, sarcastic, suspicious, stubborn
(I wondered, why must all begin with the letter S)

It is quite contagious when we have a great passion and a positive attitude. I repeat, positive attitudes. That is the kind of person we would want to bump into during our life span, isn't it?

If somebody is ever so driftless and negative, we have no time for him, bluntly.

Warn them, remind them to stop trying in dragging us down with them. Or just be ignorant of them, the best way of all.

How do we stop negativity in it's tracks, anyway?

What should we do when our attitude needs a shift?

You could tell, exhort me perhaps? C: