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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Media Literacy

Have you ever used music to...

Wake you up? [phone alarm]
Put you to sleep? [room radio]
Pump you up? [lets exercise!]
Get you through a tough study period? [24/7!]
Shock someone with volume or lyrics? [like sms?]
Reinforce your mood? [emotionally?]
Change your mood? [ahh, the genre]
Get romantic? [not when I'm alone]
Help you to express yourself? [how?]
Get a party going? [beyond doubt!]
Keep you company? [MP3?]
Fill the silence? [I'll drown in pin-drop silence]

Now, suppose you were asked the same questions about drugs or alcohol instead of music. Wouldn't a lot of yes answers indicate
an addiction?

I never knew, that I'm obsessed to MUSIC!!

Are you?

Besides, to me, blogging has become like an obsession, too.


1. I spent hours hunching over the computer, staring at the screen.
2. Logging on to my pages on the networking sites is the first thing I do in the crack of dawns and the last thing I do at the hours of darkness.
3. It doesn't seem to be making me happy at all.
4. My eyes would glaze over, my concentration span diminished and I seem to be uninterested in everything except how many feedback I'd got.
5. I'd sign in at Nuffnang just to check on my wages.

Nevertheless, I've no grouses, no regrets, no qualms. For the reason that I, too, fritter away much time hunching over my study desk. Just that study is another obsession I do in the midst of the day, be it in the late morning, afternoon or the point in time when the sun is about to rest.

Mankind needs amusement apart from edification. Are you being of the same mind as me?

"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy," there goes the prominent aphorism.