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Saturday, August 15, 2009

SMI's 48th Play - The Warlord Of Terror

The view of SMI in the evening on Saturday from the middle of Ipoh field.

The pressuring-poster

My ticket numbered 0718, lucky number?

He picked a Chinese brush and started drawing - impromptu act.

Was one of his ancestors lived during the Dynasty period in China?
That he inherited their genes?
Well, I was indeed flabbergasted by his flair.

He believed that he failed his peperiksaan awam, with qualms.

The monk and the marvelous stage props.

Scene where Yuen was flashing back.

Where all were dancing so gracefully.

Their blouses were just so unique, adorable and simple yet nice!

The evil arrived


Yuen was grief-stricken when she had to leave her hero, her life-savior.

Behold the hero.

Villagers of all races in China. ONE CHINA?

Second attempt with the brawny, strapping devil.

The pure white, gorgeous Goddess.

The evil spirited ones were soon defected by the angels.
(The angels just swing their hands and the bad guys just ran away. LOL.)

WARLORD was officially defeated!!

The feeble, pathetic, defenseless Warlord.

One of the lion dance dancer was an INDIAN guy!!

Porcelain White Angels


On behalf of Master Timothy Chee, the director of the drama, I would like to say:

(Although you're just scrolling up and down.)