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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Excerpts From Transfomers 2

Transformers 2 has been on cinema for a month and 11 days since it was released on 24 June. I strongly believe that at least three quarter of the population (who live in the city) in Malaysia have watched it. Some might have even watched this renowned movie twice, thrice or even more. But sadly, I've only watched it once.

Do you still remember some of the attention-grabbing, side-splitting scenes or momentous, unclean quotes? How about some of the terms used in the movie? Now that Transformers 2 is no longer on cinema(Ipoh), unless we've the DVD/VCD, we can't watch it any more. I mean the 150 minutes movie, not the trailer.

Read and see if you could recall these facts, terms used, quotes or the scene where they took place.

"What if we go and you are wrong?" - Optimus Prime

Optimus died after 1 hour 15 minutes.

"I'm not impress with your perverted mouth breathing." - Sam's mom

Obama as US President in the movie.

The helicopter threw Optimus Prime to the ground. - How irrespectful of them.

"We should leave this planet." - one of the Autobots

"Optimus woudn't like it." - Ironhide

Robbowarrior - who's he?

Transformers existed since 1932.

Willie was called as Chihuahua for his tiny, little body frame.

"What's the name of this planet? (Earth) Bad name for a planet. We should name it Dirt Planet."- Jetfire

"I'm underneath the enemy's scrotum." - Robbowarrior

''You landed on my testicles." - Sam's friend told Mikaela

"I'm not going without you!" - Megan to Sam

Matrix Of Leadership - which turned into fragments when Sam touched it in the tomb of the Prime.

Dagger's key

3 Kings - were assembled by 3 stars in the sky at the night when Sam was spending some intimate time with Mikaela

"Boy you returned for me." - Optimus to Sam

Jetfire transfered his after-burner to Optimus. - So that Optimus could live.

"Cowards always survive."

Sam returned to college and he was called as Professional Albert Einstein by his professor.

"Thank you, Sam for saving me." - Optimus

So how do you find it? Hope that you'd some smiles on your faces after reading through all that I've written for you guys. And last but not least, thank you for sacrificing your time to read this post of mine. =D