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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Kelly's Sweet Seventeen

Kelly oedered 46 chocolate cupcakes for RM50 from Jauhara for the 37 of us in 5 Kekwa and some other friends of hers from other classes.

Each cupcake was coated with over-sweetened pink, yellow or white sugary cream. And ''KELLY IS SEXY'' was written on each of them.

She gave us during recess and to some of the teachers who teach 5 Kekwa.

Although they're really fattening and have the potential to make us grow vertically, but I ate it without thinking twice! I had two, instead!

For they're just too tempting that made me craved even more for such sweet nibbles! Look at their striking colours!

Out of 46, only 2 of them were written ''KELLY IS 17". But they're for her beloved parents, of course!

Woo hoo! I've got the yellow one! Kelly is SEXY! Yummy!

Happy Sweet 17th, Kelly!