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Saturday, August 1, 2009

MC Interact Installation Day + Fifth Former Farewell

We were told that we're about to have the best Installation Day this year, like ever. Usually, there is no need for us, the fifth formers, to pay for registration fee. However, it's compulsory for us to do so this year. Goodbye to RM5.

Initially, I thought it was totally nonsense that we got to pay RM5 just for some fried mee and curry puff. But then later, the truth has revealed. I was entirely stunned as I entered the hall. One whole stretch of red carpet lying in the middle of the hall with some cylindrical lamps ornamented with bouquet of artificial red roses along the red carpet. No wonder the theme was Red Carpet and Movies. About the theme Movies, you'll find out as you scroll down. Besides, we're seated at a table of 8 each.

So now we know the reason. Those decorations must have cost a lot. Overall, I had a good time there other than getting Merit Cert and one of the Most Outstanding Award. On top of that, it was so-called Friendship Day. Thank You SMI, Tasek school and Anderson for joining us in this little ceremony. No exceptional to MC girls, too. You guys made our day!!

The pathway to heaven

Red & Black

Rotarian Wu Chee Tat (Unsure with the spelling)

Out-going President - Li Tng

Banner with faces


The other 4 Most Outstanding Award recipients were Sham, Prem, Kumutha and Raeshma.