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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Muse Like Jason Mraz?

Jason Mraz was here in Malaysia in March, I surmise. During his stay in Kuala Lumpur, he has gone to the Mix FM studio to have a sort of like Q&A session with the DJ(s).

When a word or two were mentioned each time, Jason Mraz needed to say out anything that came straight across his wits once he heard that particular word(s). No pondering.

:: The WORD(S) mentioned followed by Jason's impromptu RIPOSTES ::

Red - Candy apple
Chicken - Terriyaki
Food - Monkey brain
Paris Hilton - Monkey brain
Music - Life
Money - Fun ticket
Pants - Removable

Music is, beyond qualms, his life!

:: If I were to be asked for quick replies like that, they would be ::

Red - Red carpet
Chicken - Chickenpox
Food - Raya bazaar
Paris Hilton - Christiano Ronaldo
Music - Richard Clayderman
Money - $$$$$
Pants - Hemophobia

What about you?

What would possibly be your swift response to them?

By the way, any of you out there went to watch his concert? Well, I missed it!
I like listening to some of his various renowned songs,
preeminently I'm Yours and The Remedy.